Our history

During the last 17 years, we implemented several national-scale projects. All these years we faced the fact that in each subsidiary of the organization the same data as defined and used differently. It was a centralized or decentralized company hierarchy.

With the implementation of government projects in different countries, we discovered that there is a huge issue with the presentation of data to the central authorities to make important administrative decisions. So we implemented standalone MDM modules, somewhere it was the quality of data, somewhere the data mapping and of course, approval workflows and integrations was always required.

These facts inspired us to create and develop our Master Data Management solution to implement projects of any complexity, in any industry.

Our mission

Enable every organization, using the ever-growing universe of chaotic Data, to achieve its main mission – to bring maximum value to customers

Our values

We accept our mistakes, since correcting them means that today we are better than yesterday. After all, a mistake is an event that has not yet been turned by us into our advantage.

The main thing in the work is to answer the questions of what and when. This allows us to correctly focus our efforts on vital goals and achieve them while they matter.

We value candor. It allows us to quickly understand the issue and is the basis of trust. This applies to our customers and colleagues. 

If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange them, then we will have one apple left. But if you have an idea and I have an idea, and we exchange them, we will have two ideas.

Teamwork – the ability to work together towards a common cause. This is fuel that allows ordinary people to achieve unusual results.

Work-life should be enjoyable. We covet process as much as the destination. So if you never see people that get tremendous pleasure from work, you just have to meet us.